If you say the word OASIS and someone visible flinches, it is a clear indication that you are talking to someone who has worked in home health at some point in the last 10 years. The pursuit of accuracy in data collection has consumed enormous resources of time and money and it seems once there is a level of mastery, sustaining those gains is not an easy task.

Many clinicians and leadership staff sigh with relief once the OASIS passes review and the RAP is dropped and then the episode of care moves forward. Far too many clinicians have disconnection data collection from patient care creating challenges to outcomes and process measure management.

There are many ways to become educated in OASIS data collection as there is a freely accessible manual explaining every item in detail. It is one thing to understand the instructions and another to conduct the assessment effectively to gather information. Once collected, integrating the information into the plan of care and the focus of every visit is what created consistent measureable outcome improvement.

Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions believes that accurate OASIS completion is only the beginning of elevating the level of patient focused care. Our training products and tools are intended to break the cycle of frustration and disconnection moving from data collection to best practice as an interdisciplinary team.