Home health care training is key to maintain a successful agency today.

No matter how long you have been in home care, there is always a need to stay current in key areas such as regulations, OASIS, documentation and interdisciplinary patient management. People in educational roles within agencies often have so many things on their plate that developing content and making sure the right staff are all in the right place at the right time can feel nearly impossible. Using outdated home health care training can lead to additional levels of confusion and impede success. With already full days of meetings and/or seeing patients, staff at all levels can be overwhelmed and trying to prioritize information can inadvertently push things further and further down the list of things to do.

Our home health care training philosophy is built on three key principles:

  1. Information provided must be clearly presented and factual with reputable resources as source information. As an example, training about regulations means we have to look at the regulations and not make it into an opinion driven conversation.
  2. People who attend home health care trainings need tools to implement follow up in order to operationalize material. Passive listening will not have the same impact and thinking about how to use the information as soon as the session is over.
  3. We want agencies to be at the top of their game in the most efficient and effective way possible recognizing that one size does not fit all. With the technology out there, training can and should be available in a variety of formats – live webinars, recorded material and in person sessions – so that agencies can pick the plan that fits best for their own needs.

Recognizing that there are other options available to, Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions is committed to being the premier provider for the home health industry with the highest level of integrity of information, clearly presented with tools for follow up that fits the needs of each agency individually.