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April: Audit Resistant Care Plans – Critical Coding Concepts

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ICD-10 Clinician Documentation Tip Sheet


Current ICD-10 Coding Concepts, Documentation Clarification Form


ICD-10 coding of patient conditions, diseases, and illnesses is a critical element for establishing the foundation for care in a Medicare Part A home health episode of care. Although the laws provides for the physician to provide the diagnosis codes, home health providers do not always find this to be true. OASIS assessment strategies allow diagnosis information to be obtained through assessment with verification from the physician. To accurately complete this component of the OASIS data set, the clinician does not have to master ICD-10 coding, however, does need to provide ample supportive documentation for determination of a condition, disease or illness and any related conditions to ensure code selection accuracy. The admitting clinician is responsible for establishing the primary reason for the episode of care, as well as any other appropriate diagnoses for inclusion.

This webinar will provide attendees with clear guidance for clinicians regarding the role of their documentation in supporting the ICD-10 coding of a Medicare Part A home health episode of care. Attendees will have the opportunity to review and assess what meets “sufficient” documentation standards for ICD-10 coding, and reviewers of clinical documentation will be provided resources to facilitate efficient communication with field personnel when documentation falls short.