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All 90-minute Webinars are Scheduled 12 pm EST on the 1st Thursday of the month.

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January: OASIS C2: Getting it Right the First Time – Part 1: Reviewing the Data

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February: Interdisciplinary Medication & Drug Regimen Review

*Tool: Decision-making flow sheet

*Resource: APTA HOD statement/CMS guidance

*Description: Modification of the current OASIS medication reconciliation items (M2001, M2003, M2005) is the driving force behind the recently added quality measure for HH publicly reported outcomes. Focus of this webinar will be identifying & managing medication issues, including information related to the role of therapists as an interdisciplinary team member.

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March: Writing the Admission Narrative Note

*Tool: Admission scenario & example note (SBAR format)

*Resource: What is SBAR?

*Description: Standardized narrative elements provide the linkage between OASIS data set item selection, ICD-10 coding and development of the interdisciplinary care plan. This webinar will overview critical elements for inclusion in a focused, well-written and time-sensitive admission narrative for the clinician.

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April: Interdisciplinary Wound Management in the HH Setting

*Tool: M1311 & M1313 Decision-Making Flow Sheet

*Resource: OASIS-C2 Guidance Manual; WOCN Guidance

*Description: Modification of the current OASIS wound items (M1311, M1313), combined with CMS’ renewed focus on pressure ulcer management, demands HH agencies to re-look their existing approach to data collection and reporting. This webinar will review accurate M-item selection, with a focus on current evidence-based strategies for wound prevention and management.

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May: Having a Voice in Policy-Making

*Tool: Guidance for Writing OPEN COMMENT period responses

*Resource: Established Comment Periods and sources for this information on web

*Description: What appears to be historical “indifference” of the HH industry related to having a voice in regulatory affairs has limited addressing issues that impact daily care delivery to the homebound population. Involvement in the process and understanding the impact of your voice is an integral piece of patient advocacy. This webinar will provide guidance, direction and resources for how to become active in the policy-making process.

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June: IMPACT Act of 2014 & the Demand for Care Redesign

*Tool: Sample Clinical Pathway (disease specific)

*Resource: Summary overview of IMPACT Act of 2014 (focus on PAC. HH)

*Description: Movement into alternate payment methodologies requires modification at the “bedside level” of care delivery in the HH setting. Anticipation of continued visit reduction strategies does not relieve an agency’s burden of showing “worth” through publicly reported outcomes. This webinar will challenge current clinical decision-making paradigms, with a focus on building patient-centered care plans.

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July: CoPs Update – Focus on QAPI

*Tool: QAPI process

*Resource: (proposed) CoPs – Federal Register

*Description: Significant advancements in the HH industry’s long-standing conditions of participation (CoPs) are anticipated for implementation. Enhancements to patient protections, infection control, treatment efficacy and quality assurance/performance improvement (QAPI) will demand updates to agency policy & procedure manuals and care delivery. This webinar will provide an overview of the key components of an individualized, internally driven HH agency QAPI program.

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August: Elements of Compliance – From Soup to Nuts – Now September 18, 2017

*Tool: Compliance Checklist for the HH Agency

*Resource: OIG 7 Categories

*Description: Significant focus on reduction of fraud, waste and abuse in the HH industry is dedicated to weeding out offenders. This drives proactive ”big data” analysis, as well as numerous auditing and review activities that can, and have led to Dept. of Justice (DOJ) prosecution. Ignorance related to compliance does not show intentionality, however, it also does not forgive agencies or individuals when behaviors occur. This webinar will outline the requirements for compliance in the HH setting for clinical, office and administrative personnel.

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September: PPS-2018 Proposed Rule – A Call to Action – Now August 3rd @ noon

*Tool: TBA

*Resource: CMS/Federal Register Proposed Rule for HH PPS-2018

*Description: Content will cover the proposed rule with an emphasis on potential impact on the HH industry, promotion of how to respond, and key issues that should garner CMS response from the industry.

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October: The Importance of Clinical Documentation Improvement in HH

*Tool: CDI Corrective Action Plan Flow Sheet


*Description: Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) programs are beginning to take hold in the HH industry. This webinar will provide a framework for agencies to identify areas of deficiency, as well as develop a corrective action plan for substandard medical record documentation.

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November: How Alternate Payment Methodologies are Shaping Care Delivery in HH

*Tool: Fact Sheet on Alternate Payment Methodologies – for the front line clinician

*Resource: CMS Innovation web site; VBP demonstrations; CJR demonstration; bundled payment models

*Description: Knowledge of the various types of payment methodologies that affect the HH industry continues to impact how care is delivered. This webinar will provide an overview of various methodologies, strategies for success navigation within these models and areas ripe for HH agencies to become a provider of choice in post-acute care (PAC).

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December: PPS Final Rule 2018, CoP’s and Interpretive Guidelines

*Tool: TBA

*Resource: CMS/Federal Register Final Rule for HH PPS-2018, 2018 CoP and Interpretive Guidelines

*Description: Content will cover the final rule with an emphasis on anticipated impact on the HH industry and strategies for successful implementation.

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