As we enter the fall, not only do we see the seasons change but we realize that the implementation date of PPS 2017 and OASIS C2 are quickly approaching. Although we are waiting for final information for both, educational efforts around the new and modified OASIS items have begun.

As I spend many hours per week in OASIS related activities, I too have spent significant time looking at C2 in detail. New and changed items make us all pay attention to detail to ensure data collection is consistent and accurate.

Then I was part of a conversation about the IMPACT Act and the quality measures coming to post acute care (PAC) over the next several years. Home Health will be the FIRST in PAC to deal with the medication management measure – are we really ready?

Did you know the following?

  • The measure is built using items M2001, M2003 and M2005? All of these have been changed in OASIS C2.
    • How confident are you that clinicians and reviewers are ready to collect and review this information correctly?
  • The issue of 2-way communication with the physician when clinically significant issues are found WILL be part of this process.
    • Do you have processes in place today to not only ensure this process is happening but that it is also being documented sufficiently beyond choosing the OASIS response?
  • The information management plan for this measure
    • 2016: Collect Data
    • 2017: Casper Reports
    • 2018: Public Reporting

IMPACT is going to impact how quality is measured for years to come. It is pulling together OASIS items and claims data in ways we have not seen before. Being prepared will take a multifaceted interdisciplinary approach beyond just educating the staff that collects OASISI data.

Are you ready?